RG Preparation Course

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We believe in the future restoration of the Constitution and healing of America. We also believe this movement will be accomplished by those willing to follow the pattern of the Founders’ in committing their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to the cause. Restoration Generation members are committed to participating in this movement.

Joining the Restoration Generation is a major commitment, and the information on this course will 1) help you decide whether you are up to the challenge and 2) provide a guide for your preparations to join us.


  • Learn about the mission and vision of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration
  • Develop personal relationships with Thomas Jefferson Center and Restoration Generation leadership
  • Learn about and understand the differences between Dr. Kimber’s several political organizations
  • Read our overview of the Restoration Generation
  • Learn about our Key Resources
  • Obtain the Thomas Jefferson Center’s Principled Voter Certification (consider using the RG Basics Course to prepare for the exam and interview questions)
  • Make sure you will be available to attend the weekly meetings
  • Study the Key Positions of the Thomas Jefferson Center
  • Study the Core Beliefs and Key Positions of the Restoration Generation
  • Learn about teaching opportunities available in the Restoration Generation
  • Commit to having intense and consistent personal study using the key resources
  • Learn about and commit to support our organization culture
  • Understand membership fees, benefits, and expenses covered by these dues
  • Commit to attend monthly Roundtable meetings
  • Read our comments on career expectations

Each lesson in this course will help you accomplish a step in this checklist.