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The Thomas Jefferson Center’s Healing of America Student Portal contains an archive of recorded classes, seminars, and other special presentations. You may either join us for the live trainings or watch the recordings at your own convenience. Demonstrate your mastery of history, constitutional, and international studies topics by graduating from Thomas Jefferson Center and our partners’ courses and receiving certifications.

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Restoration Generation

If you are among the many passionate youth and young adults interested in promoting the healing of America and the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, prepare to become a member of the Restoration Generation. We study together weekly and prepare for amazing educational outreach opportunities.

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Help us get to know you by editing your profile picture and cover photo, and by sharing more about yourself on your profile. Use your wall to share what inspired you to join the liberty movement and how you want to get involved.

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Use our Student Portal social experience to connect with others who love liberty and want to better understand and defend the Constitution. Our platform makes it possible for you to share liberty-related insights with our community.

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Track Your Progress

Use the Student Portal learning features to track your accomplishments and progress through our online school experience. Use points and badges to qualify for unique benefits and opportunities.

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Sharpen your understanding of the Constitution, current events, and political issues by participating in our Student Portal Groups and Forums. Our forums provide a place for students to discuss hot issues and the root causes of the worlds greatest political problems.

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Connect with Others

Our Student Portal provides a convenient platform for communicating with peers and teachers. Use your Inbox to send and receive messages without needing to publicly exchange personal contact information.

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View All Public Activity

Follow the accomplishments and activity of other students within our portal by viewing our Site Wide Activity page. Use this resource to compare progress and stay up to date on the latest activity within the Healing of America community.

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Earn some money as you help the Thomas Jefferson Center grow! Sign up to become an affiliate and make $10 for each friend who signs up for a course in the Student Portal.

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