RG Involvement

Join the Restoration Generation

If you’re new, you can click here to learn more about the Restoration Generation. If you’ve learned about us and are ready to get started, there are two ways to formally join.

Restoration Generation Activism (Free)

Get involved by organizing events, creating videos, recording podcasts, and by participating in dozens of other activism projects!

Restoration Generation Activists are young adults who are excited to help organize events and promote the Healing of America message without necessarily committing a significant amount of time to teachers or becoming scholars of the Founders’ original intent of the Constitution. Activists get involved with RG outreach projects and events. 

Restoration Generation Activists aren’t required to become formal members and there is no financial commitment for participation as a Restoration Generation Activist. 

Activism meetings are Thursday evenings at 7pm MT.

Click the button below to get involved.

Restoration Generation Membership (Paid)

Take your studies to the next level by becoming a formal member of the Restoration Generation team.

Restoration Generation members are a group of young adults working to become scholars of the Constitution in preparation to serve as builders, influencers, popularizers, and mobilizers in the movement to restore the Constitution and heal America. We prepare young adults to teach seminars, courses, workshops, and other presentations on the principles of constitutional government.

Click the button below to learn more about Restoration Generation membership.

Complete the RG Preparation Course  to satisfy the preparation checklist for becoming a member of the Restoration Generation. If you have prepared and are ready to join, click here to become a formal member.

RG Preparation Course (Free)

The RG Preparation Course was designed to help those interested in joining the Restoration Generation move through the preparation checklist in a more streamlined way.

We are confident that those who complete this free course and the RG Basics Course will be thoroughly prepared for the level of discussion and training that we engage in as members of the Restoration Generation.

RG Basics Course ($50 or $10/mo)

To prepare to join the Restoration Generation and becoming a formal member, consider enrolling in our RG Basics Course.

This course provides a thorough review of the doctrines, philosophies, and principles needed to be good citizens and to promote the cause of America. Join to master the basic principles used by the Founding Fathers as they crafted the U.S. Constitution and built America.