Healing of America Seminar 4


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In Seminars 2-3, you learned that out of more than 250 provisions in the Constitution, approximately 85% are still fully intact and practiced according to the original intent of the Founders. This means that today’s greatest problems are the result of a small number of changes that have had disastrous effects. With the essential understanding gained from Seminars 1-3, you will be ready to learn practical and hopeful solutions.

In Seminar 4, you will discover the simple but essential steps to healing America. We review the four areas that need healing:

  • Individual and family rights and relationships
  • The American education system
  • The Constitution itself
  • America’s proper role in the world

We truly need God’s intervention to bring about political, social, and economic miracles, and we can qualify for this divine aid by turning our hearts back to God and by promoting true solutions. With your help, we truly can heal America.


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