Andrew Yang calls for ‘green’ amendment to the Constitution

Yang called for the new “green” amendment Wednesday night during CNN’s Climate Town Hall.

By Herb Scribner @HerbScribner Sep 5, 2019, 2:37pm MDT

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang called for a constitutional amendment that would look to combat climate change.

“I propose a Constitutional amendment that makes it a responsibility of the United States government to safeguard and protect our environment for future generations,” Yang said, according to the New York Post.

Yang called for the new “green” amendment Wednesday night during CNN’s Climate Town Hall, an event where each of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates answered questions from CNN and concerned voters in a town hall-style format. The event lasted close to eight hours. Each candidate was given a block of time to speak on their thoughts.

Environmental activist Vic Barrett asked Yang if he felt a president of the United States should feel the need “to end federal support of a fossil fuel energy system” through the Constitution.

“It endangers all citizens, especially young people like myself and future generations,” Barrett said.

Yang reiterated his stance, saying, “As I just stated, I would end all fossil fuel subsidies and I’m going to take it a step forward.”

Yang praised the Green New Deal, an ambitious plan proposed by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey, and other Democratic leaders to battle climate change (though it may not have been a serious piece of legislation).

Yang said he didn’t believe in the timeline of the Green New Deal. He said his timeline would be much different, according to the New York Post.

His timeline “would do away with commercial air travel and a lot of other things in a particular timeframe, that if we had a little more time we can head in the same direction and achieve most of the same values.”