Letter: Bet on the Constitution

By Deseret News May 18, 2018, 8:40am MDT

I don’t know who “our opinion” represents in the “Betting on sports gambling is a bad wager” editorial from May 15, but this bad bet is a great win for all who want to live under the law of our constitutional republic, rather than a federal dictatorship that makes laws and regulations outside the restraining framework of our Constitution.

The Bill of Rights, which includes the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, were adopted to protect individuals and states from federal intrusion. The 10th Amendment has been largely ignored by the courts, which simply states that if powers aren’t directly stated in the document, that those powers remain with the states and the people.

Since we can’t find any articles or amendments either allowing or disallowing gambling, the federal government has no power to regulate it unless the people amend the Constitution. The federal government has usurped power from the states and the people for generations. Maybe this Supreme Court actually read the Constitution and rediscovered the 10th Amendment.

Let’s hope those who write “our opinion” will rethink their “bad bet.” If we bet on the Constitution, we will surely win, and we will remain a free people.

Jared Brown