Letter: How much do you really know about the Constitution?

By Readers’ Forum Nov 18, 2020, 4:34pm MST

By Seth Anderson

It is not enough to simply understand the importance of the Constitution of the United States. This 233-year-old document cements the separation of powers, outlines the democratic system and guarantees the rights and freedoms granted to every American.

While the Constitution is undoubtedly one of the most important documents in history, the average American’s comprehension of it is pitiful. According to surveys, 74% of people cannot name all three branches of government, 37% of people cannot name even one First Amendment right and a dismal 28% of people have read the entire Constitution. The majority of people say they believe it is significant, but do not know the specifics.

We the people have the duty and responsibility to uphold the Constitution and to not deviate from the founding principles with the winds of every current event. Reading and understanding the Constitution is a necessity for every American. Having a fuller comprehension shows our respect for the framers who drafted the Constitution, the troops who died defending it and our fellow citizens with whom we are politically and socially active.

So, sit down and read the Constitution or listen to it for free online. This will surely be time well spent.

Seth Anderson